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Cabarete Coffee Company is famous for having Cabarete’s best cup of joe, offering several blends of organic Dominican coffee served fresh in the shop or in bags to brew at home. Cabarete Coffee Company has always lived by its motto to provide products that are good to taste, good for the earth, and good for the people that grow them. Implementing many environmentally friendly practices including using local, organic ingredients whenever possible, composting, and using biodegradable to-go products. We pride ourselves on working with local suppliers and providing affordable, healthy, fast-food options.



After years of supporting the Mariposa DR Foundation through Mariposa blend sales, catering services, and internships for Mariposa graduates, the Suriel family decides to give Cabarete Coffee Company back to the community and in 2018, Mariposa assumes ownership and continues to serve delicious food and organic coffee, but also provides a real business where girls can develop valuable skills and be empowered to provide a service and environment that brings people from all walks of life together in their community. Mariposa girls have been going through trainings to run all aspects of the business and it will provide a sustainable revenue stream that will feed back into the organization and support educational programs. When customers come into Cabarete Coffee Company they have the unique experience to do something good for their body, their environment and the world!



By visiting Cabarete Coffee Company, you are not only supporting environmental preservation and sustainable agricultural practices on the island, but also giving back to the local community.


Location: Bahia de Arena, main road Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

Contact: 809 571 0919

Hours: Everyday 7am – 3pm


Find out more at: Cabarete Coffee Company

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