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Street and beach vendors are a vibrant part of Cabarete life and culture. Although many unregistered and unregulated, these informal businesses are a large part of the local economy. It is the way in which many Dominican and Haitian locals earn their living. For tourists in the area, these vendors can be a nuisance, however, buying goods from these vendors is one of the best ways to stimulate the local economy.

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Hailing from the batey of Pancho Mateo, Cabarete’s most well-known fruit lady, Ana, serves up some of the freshest fruit on the north coast. Although prices are slightly elevated, the fruit lady’s quality and service delivered straight to you at your chaise lounge on the beach does not disappoint.


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Rarely a dinner out on Cabarete’s beach is had without running into Luis, the Mama Juana Man. Mama Juana is an herbal tincture often served as an after dinner drink. It is widely believed to have curative and even aphrodisiac properties, making it a fun gift to take home and share with family and friends.


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The long-time Cabarete resident known as El Padre, creatively turns driftwood found along the beach into unique handicrafts, such as masks, bowls and other home decorations.  You can find El Padre selling his creative handmade pieces along the beach each day.


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Cabito, also known as the Coconut Man, walks Cabarete beach each day selling coconuts under the Caribbean sun. Next time you are sunbathing on the beach, hail down the Coconut Man and enjoy sipping on refreshing and healthful coconut water served up cold in a tropical coconut.

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