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The Dominican Republic has a wealth of natural resources that local artisans and farmers turn into beautiful or delicious souvenirs.

Many prices are open to negotiation. Just remember that the sale of souvenirs is the only income for many to support their families.


Amber is a gemstone made of petrified tree resin, dating back millions of years. Due to the large quantity of amber mined here, Cabarete and the rest of the north shore is often referred to as “The Amber Coast”. Keep your eyes open as you are beachcombing the bay. You may find a piece floating along the shore!




Larimar’s beautiful blue color is often considered to embody the colors of the Caribbean sea and sky. This stunning gem is extremely rare and is only found here in the Dominican Republic. Larimar can be easily purchased in Cabarete at any of our local jewelry stores, or directly from artisans.




It is not surprising that rum was the favorite of pirates who would drink it while out at sea and steal it from trading ships throughout the Caribbean.  Still today, rum proves to be a favorite drink among both Dominicans and visitors alike. The DR boasts several premium, prize winning rum brands, including Barcelo and Brugal.




Traditionally, Dominicans used higueros (non-edible gourds that are dried) to sift and clean rice, for shelling beans and pigeon peas, and to wash fruit. Today, higueros have become more of a novelty item and are often carved by hand into lanterns, candle holders, and other decorative pieces. Here in Cabarete, you can find local, skilled artisans who will do custom designs if you ask.




Did you know that the DR has a longer history of producing high quality cigars than Cuba? The DR’s fertile soil and lush climate (ideal for growing tobacco), make us the hotspot for cigar production in the world!




Mama Juana is a local elixir made from wine and honey and soaked with a medley of medicinal tree barks and herbs. After at least a month of curing, this aphrodisiac with remedial properties is ready to be served!

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Nearly every family in the DR starts its day by brewing a dark, rich cup of coffee (locally known as a cafecito). The variety of delicious Dominican coffee covers the spectrum from light to full bodied. We recommend that you consider purchasing organic coffee while visiting, as it supports local farmers with environmentally friendly practices.




Here in the hills of the Dominican Republic, chocolate really does grow on trees! Cocoa, locally known as Cacao, is actually a fruit that bears seeds, which, when fermented, dried and toasted becomes cocoa. Cocoa and chocolate not only taste great, but have a host of health benefits as well, containing high levels of antioxidants. The DR is proud to be the world’s leading exporter of organic cocoa!


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