ZIMZALA by Fresh Fresh Café


– Strawberries

– Bananas (cut into pieces)

– Passion fruit juice

– Sugarcane juice (optional)


Mix ¾ bananas and ¼ strawberries in a blender. Add the passion fruit juice and sweeten to taste.

Beat until the fruits dissolve and enjoy the freshness and antioxidants benefits of this smoothie.

Zimzala Smoothie_Fresh Fresh


HAZEL NUTTY by Cabarete Coffee Company


3/4 cup Hazel nut milk

1 tbs Nutella

1 Banana

2 tbs Organic Peanut Butter


Blend all ingredients with ice until smooth.

Hazel Nutty_Cabarete Coffee


Pastelito Recipe

Pastelitos are a favorite Dominican snack and breakfast food. You can find these delicious fried treats at stands all over Cabarete; try them all to discover your favorite filling! Bring this recipe home to recreate the pastelito experience even after your vacation is over.

Dominican Pastelito_1

Dough ingredients:

3 lbs flour

1 cup vegetable oil (or Crisco)

2 cups water

1 cup cold water

2 Eggs

1 tablespoon of sugar

Salt to taste

Optional Filling Ingredients:

1.5 lb ground beef

20 Eggs

1 lb cheese

Mixed Vegetables

Dominican Pastelito_2


In a large bowl, mix the water with the sugar, salt, egg, and oil. Slowly add the flour to the bowl while mixing by hand, until all the flour is added, the dough has thickened and it doesn’t stick to your hands. Cover the bowl with a cloth and let it sit in the fridge for 15-20 minutes or let it sit out on the counter for 30 minutes. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin on a large flat surface, adding a pinch of flour if the dough sticks. Cut the dough into circles of the size you prefer, the pastelito will be half the size of the circles you make. Put the filling of your choice in the middle of the circle (cooked beef, raw egg, cheese, or chopped vegetables), fold the dough in half, and seal the pastelito closed pressing a fork around the edge.

Heat vegetable oil in a large pan till it is very hot, lower the heat on the stove, and put the pastelitos in the pan a few at a time. Fry until golden, let cool slightly, and enjoy!

Serve Dominican-style with ketchup and hot sauce.

Makes about 20 pastelitos


La Bandera: Rice and Beans

Served best in a local home-style restaurant, typical Dominican fare, La Bandera Dominicana/Dominican flag, is usually prepared for lunch and is the most important meal of the day in the Dominican Republic.

A combination of beans, rice, chicken and fried plantains. La Bandera is very filling and satisfying and is also quite healthy because it is made with local, fresh ingredients.

Dominican Food

Rice and Beans recipe


2 cups rice

4 cups water (the water used to boil the beans in if possible)

1 cup cooked kidney beans

3 tablespoons vegetable oil

1 tablespoons tomato paste (not sauce)

1/4 cup cubanel green peppers or 1/4 cup green bell pepper, finely chopped

1/2 medium red onion, chopped

1/2 teaspoon dried oregano

2 fresh garlic cloves, mashed or pressed

1 sprig fresh cilantro (with stem)

1 teaspoon fresh parsley, finely chopped

1 chicken bouillon cube or 1 chicken stock cube

1 teaspoon salt


Heat oil in a large pot over medium heat and add garlic, onions, oregano, pepper, parsley, and salt. Saute for a minute then add the bouillon, stir until dissolved. Add the tomato paste and stir until heated.

Add the beans and stir with your base. Heat for about a minute stirring constantly. Don’t let it stick or burn. Increase heat to maximum and carefully add 1 cup of the water and allow it to simmer. When it starts to simmer, add the rice, stir and add the rest of the water. At this point you should test for salt, it should be a bit saltier than you’d prefer because the beans and rice will absorb most of it. Bring to a boil.

When it starts to boil reduce heat to the lowest possible and cover with a lid.

After 15 minutes remove the lid, most of the water should have been reduced. Throw in the whole sprig of cilantro and give everything a good stir from bottom to top. Cover again and let it cook for 10-15 more minutes.