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The Upcycled sails business enterprise by The Mariposa DR Foundation, keeps racing sails out of landfills, creates jobs for local women in Cabarete, and funds environmental education for Mariposa girls. These sails, donated from 11th Hour Racing, are shipped from the United States to the Mariposa DR Foundation in Cabarete. Here, they are “upcycled” into new bags by a group of local seamstresses in a sewing workshop within Mariposa. These bags are then sold both locally and abroad to provide a sustainable income for these women and their families, as well as to fund Mariposa’s environmental education curriculum.


Proceeds from the Upcycled bags benefit both the seamstresses and the students at the Mariposa DR Foundation, specifically through the Environmental Education Program. Environmental education is an integral part of the Mariposa DR Foundation; permaculture gardening, Environmental Education classes, organic cooking classes, surfing, swimming, biking and other outdoor sports constitute a comprehensive curriculum with the goal of teaching students to love and care for the environment.





All products are unique and hand-crafted!






Location: Mariposa Center for Girls, Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

Contact: 809 571 0610 • info@mariposadrfoundation.org

Where to buy in Cabarete: Mariposa Center for Girls, Cabarete Coffee Company, Laurel Eastman Kiteboarding School (at Millennium Resort & Spa) and Iguana Mama.


Buy online at: Upcycled by The Mariposa DR Foundation

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